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Agnese Morettini, PhD student - Research

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Agnese Morettini, PhD student - Publications

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Agnese Morettini, PhD student - Teaching

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Agnese Morettini, PhD student - Activities

About me

Agnese Morettini, PhD student

Hi, my name is Agnese Morettini and I am a third-year doctoral researcher in Audiovisual Translation (PEFLIC programme - Linguistic and Cultural Policies, Education and Training) at the University of Macerata, Italy. My doctoral project investigates into subtitling competence and its teaching and training implications. I am being supervised by Dr. Elena Di Giovanni and coordinated by Prof. Danielle Lévy

If you wish to know more about my doctoral project, please go to the Research page



Agnese Morettini, PhD student - University of Macerata
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ORCID: 0000-0002-5556-5055

Upcoming events you'll find me here

  • 17-21 September 2014: Speaker at the 2014 ASAI international conference, Macerata (Italy)
  • 9-11 October 2014: Speaker at the Languaging Diversity 2014 international conference, Catania (Italy)
  • 5-7 November 2014: Speaker at the 10th Languages and the Media international conference, Berlin (Germany)