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Journal articles with peer-review

  • Morettini, A. (2012). Profiling Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Users of SDH in Italy: a Questionnaire-based Study. Special issue: Multidisciplinarity in Audiovisual Translation. MonTI 2012, 4(X), 321-348.

[Agnese Morettini, PhD student - Download PDF Click here to download abstract in PDF format]

[Click here to read the article in PDF format]

Conference Proceedings

  • Di Giovanni, E., & Morettini, A. (2012). Audio Description meets Audio Introduction: An Italian Experiment (Book of Abstracts). Paper presented at the 9th Languages & The Media Conference 2012, Berlin.

[Agnese Morettini, PhD student - Download PDF Click here to download the abstract in PDF format]

Contributions to conferences

  • Morettini, A. (2014). "Training practices in the context of non-professional subtitling: TED Talks as a case in point". Paper presented at the International Doctoral Seminar, INALCO Paris (France).
  • Morettini, A. (2014). "Professionals' standpoint on subtitling competence". Paper presented at the 1st INATRA international conference, Bydgoszcz (Poland).
  • Morettini, A. (2013). "Competences and skills in SDH versus interlingual subtitling: what employers really want from the professionals of tomorrow". Paper presented at the "5th Media for All" international conference, Dubrovnik (Croatia).
  • Morettini, A. (2013). "Ideas worth subtitling: how Italian volunteers translate TED Talks from English". Paper presented at the international conference "Subtitling: A Collective Approach", Nottingham (United Kingdom).
  • Morettini, A. (2013). "Ma qui non c'√® scritto tutto quello che hanno detto! o la 'mala' lingua dei sottotitoli: l'adattamento come pratica di inclusione o esclusione?". Paper presented at the seminar "Male lingue, mauvais langues, bad tongues and languages", Macerata (Italy).
  • Di Giovanni, E., & Morettini, A. (2012). "Audio Description meets Audio Introduction: An Italian Experiment". Paper presented at the "9th Languages & The Media" international conference, Berlin (Germany).
  • Morettini, A. (2012). "European and Italian legislation on audiovisual and media accessibility". Paper presented at the"Accessible television in Italy: considerations and proposals" conference, Florence (Italy).
  • Morettini, A. (2010). "Towards a new user profile in subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Italy". Paper presented at the "SCREENIT 2010, The Changing Face of Screen Translation" international conference, Forl√¨ (Italy).

Upcoming events you'll find me here

  • 17-21 September 2014: Speaker at the 2014 ASAI international conference, Macerata (Italy)
  • 9-11 October 2014: Speaker at the Languaging Diversity 2014 international conference, Catania (Italy)
  • 5-7 November 2014: Speaker at the 10th Languages and the Media international conference, Berlin (Germany)